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ots available in grocery journal europe grand hotel emerald marco polo blue the club small circles photo olympic gold circle search oh that's really a ski cringe in their statement it's reticent to say a strong kempinski make good switching look you think of skunk pork and. no soldier . they've been given the truth and the truth is on the pair of poland it reluctantly admitted to being chiefly responsible for the plane crash that killed the nation's president mulls dear but still tries to shift some blame to russia. we should have amputated greece from the euro zone long ago the greek and drain away is on spain the country's credit rating has the worst president in your resume stablemates instability paul germany refuses to sign brian jackson and his junk all souls'
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a. deadline she's day but still no sign of a position in the midwest debts thailand is rivaled policy to wrestle a virus in the ship america's biggest lender china loses its patience. on the square root of civil unrest thousands come out in israel's public clauses demanding better living conditions with concerns that mayor is the tinier out prizing that's already egypt's media. bus in equity markets and the week deep in the red as investors follow the global uncertainty over the u.s. debt resident will have a look at the figures in our business bulletin and there's a minute's time. a very warm welcome to you this is r.t. live from moscow poland's investigation into the presidential plane crash near smolensk. dear so as the tragedy was caused by its crew the house also partly being
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rushed to the catastrophe which killed like and dozens of the polish political elite the results already triggering cracks among poland's leading political strata well i like you has more now from warsaw. well certainly the main highlight of this press conference was that poland openly admitted that its crew the crew of the airplane was the one to blame for the tragic plane crash which killed most of the country's political elite ninety six people including other presidential car which is going to in april of last year but still there was some controversy in that because many circumstantial evidence was named in some experts believe that this report was used by the commission in some sense to. criticize russia and to shift some part of the blame on to russia this is what some experts have to say about that accident was a simple one type of accident that followed a mistake which has happened countless times before in aviation history they've
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been given the truth and the truth is on their appeal they can't take it i don't think that the investigators think they can pin the blame on anybody else but i do think that they are looking to some of the blame on somebody else but certainly most of the points voiced by the commission points at the flight crew at their inadequacy and other decisions at their low quality cation while flying this plane but some of the things they talked about were directly pointed at to russia that the air traffic controllers were reportedly misleading the pilots in the air field in smolensk was reportedly not suitable for such landings and wasn't very hard to land in particular is one good example to that one of the experts mentioned a tree which was higher than the required standards which destroyed the left wing of the plane after which the plane collided and fell fell into the ground and was
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destroyed the other acts quickly refuted such claims. this point there is an obstacle a tree the aircraft collides with a fragment of the left wing is detached from aircraft begins the rotation let me emphasize it's not that the tree was too. the aircraft had simply been at a location where it shouldn't have been some experts already say that this report represents something of an attempt to please everybody both in poland and in moscow so the different definitely this case has been very heavily politicized from the very first moment and will probably have some continuation of the story and in the latest news we've heard is that the country's defense minister has stepped down from his position after this report was was made published by the commission. on the polish politicians been telling our craft report maybe as a tool in the country's upcoming parliamentary election campaign. this could be
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exploited also in the political electoral campaign because this should be no longer than two months to be. parliamentary elections this report and all that issue. will be use it or even misuse it in the electoral campaign but the main message for the police side is that under such circumstances the plane should never take off given the best selection of the crew given the bad weather as you go conditions given the errors. you could probably due to not enough training simulators i mean is there a difference of step with when yesterday should step down immediately after the crash. where across developments and we'll bring you more coverage an expert opinion on the results of the investigation and we've also got said the details of the plane crash including firsthand accounts from witnesses all available to run it on you right. now i want to take credit rating agencies is warning that it's
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reviewing spain's state with among the main reasons. that they now want to greece. to have more from the trades. it has just announced that it wanted to grade spain's ratings means bonds have already fallen by four percent and the euro has fallen as well now this of course is happening to the fourth largest economy in the eurozone and you would think it should be better off but spain has been plagued by some very serious economic problems there's of course the the very large outstanding as well as the other again showing unemployment and we're already used to hearing about this overall pixy country's. economic woes and that of course is portugal ireland greece and spain and now italy is also looking at some major issues as far as their economy is concerned by now are also the the heavy drivers of the european economy the for france and germany are also finding themselves in sort of hot water
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because just recently in the i.m.f. has said that france has somewhat been too optimistic about the evaluation of its prognosis and actually me not be as well off as the french authorities have hoped. have hoped the country to be the probably abused look these are things that it just happens suddenly i mean the french budget deficit has been in a deficit the french budget since nine hundred seventy four this is typical of contagion we've been talking about it for weeks we have you know when you get some degree of illness and it goes through the boldly ultimately you have to decide when to amputate it and the truth is we should have to restrain the euro. so that leaves germany and germany is already bearing the brunt of basically calling the entire european economic structure out of the sinking hole that is that it's finding itself in recently this is coming right when the voices of discontent among the
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eurozone critics among the euro skeptics are growing louder and louder in fact they're saying that the euro. zone critics are saying that while initially the euro zone was created. but the hope of pulling up the weaker economy is quite the opposite is happening the weaker economies are going down and they're they're dragging down the stronger economies with them so this latest out of work outs from moody's is actually very bad news for the eurozone and for the euro as well it. seems the crisis is drowning else on the. player there's anger and disappointment is there that here is one of the policy you countries is pressured to kick into play out its troubled neighborhoods. in the u.s. the clock ticks towards choose davis squabbling lawmakers still can't agree on how to stop america's massive debt from falling off a cliff and into from from nothing and china angry america's biggest lender things washington's being a dangerously irresponsible world are dr william anderson. associate professor of
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economics at frostburg state university and he joins me now to talk about this and so many of us being with us here when asked the president. has just called for a joint party solution to the u.s. debt crisis but how can these two parties they become their differences over the weekend if they haven't been able to do so in the past few weeks well it's a good question right now. or basically it's political theater and we're going to try to make a statement and in the end or come up with some short term. solution but the problem is this these folks in washington are delusional but you know look we give the example of. you know during the end of world war two everybody who was bonkers thought they could still win the war when the russians were outside you know and in already in the streets of berlin i mean we have to understand this is the situation
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is not sustainable and unite that they can talk about short term solutions they have allowed this thing to go on to a point. we're either going to have to admit defeat or defeat is going to be there for them ok so you talk about this being political theatrical that we're saying are let's talk about our sign and now it's cool be us actions present dangerously irresponsible those are pretty strong words there is not risky for the u.s. to be irritating its biggest lender oh absolutely although i'm sure the u.s. government people there was old shyness of credit tori learned her i don't think so you know we've been we've been playing this game with china and sooner or later they're going to get the you know they're going to come to the understanding in china maybe the united states is not a very reliable bar or and certainly not
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a very reliable business partner and least the government is not reliable in that way so i you know those are strong words good for include i'm glad the chinese are farley saying something that i'm not bellow are here and here they've been thinking this for a long time but now they're finally coming out and saying something radical economists the suggesting that someone is patients could run out to the extent that it might actually done the dollar as it's reserve currency is that just kind of sky thinking put. the how likely is that to happen if if it did begin i know how would that affect the global market. well if they did that obviously devalue the dollar would fall and what would happen would be that people in this country would have the same experience of people in indonesia had the late one nine hundred ninety s. where the value of their currency fell overnight and all of a sudden a lot of things were much more expensive for them and yet they still had the same
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incomes i don't think china will do this deliberately but here's the problem is that as long as you're relying on inflation and that's what this administration has been doing for the past three years it's basically just been trying to send as many dollars out there as possible when you do that it has an effect also own other words they're devaluating the dollar anyway and they can blame it on the chinese they can blame it on each other or whatever but the problem is this that we cannot save the world we cannot save the world economy and not our economy by just shipping dollars that we were like hey we're looking now at signer of everything it is one of the few nations in the well going economic rise at the moment does not get it leverage to get the yuan to swap with the dollar and sign it become the world's leading a corner me. china has a long way to go before it could be the world's leading economies but they've been
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doing some things right i do believe that there are going to be some. bad investments there they're going to have to deal with themselves and it's all like the chinese can withstand this real look we're talking about here sort of global financial collapse here's the thing that we should have dealt with this three four years ago when it was really hitting the fan unfortunately they've kept putting it off and putting it off but i think that china certainly is going to come out better than the united states because frankly do more responsible. when the amount is that it's a professor of economics and finance make think it's you know that's the merit of many things feel full. thank you. others know what you think of ben's comedy unfolding at all dot com if you can bring up the ground figures show you what people are thinking well right now to save the half of you are convinced that
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there's no choice america has to agree on raising the debt ceiling thirty five percent. believe the political progress the nation walls and everyone else is economy into freefall and eight percent of you say that time's running out for forces on america's doorstep tell us how you think it will pan out it's all to dot com for our new the analysis them to give us your break. now the crowds back in cairo's tahrir square five months. of about thousands of people there what is one of the largest demonstrations since the we are rising curry based journalist and blogger austin mackle said a religious risk developed. the coach just planned to stay was originally billed as the gay community and it was a sign that liberal and islam as forces are going to come together to continue their push for sort of basic democratic rights for jan in the square i was just before i came here. is
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a huge number of. muslim brotherhood members bases deadly the most just lovely country square has been. in the time that i've been here and they there's many chants of. islamic identity this or islamic nature of egypt which is cause some friction with the. secular forces who are down and your leaders if you look forces dominating toughly they're the ones who run the running a sit in there for a month since the clashes that happened at the end of june but they cost them on the part of these lists but. now has a seminar on arrests in neighboring israel public squares i see demonstrators camping out calling for social justice and for prime minister netanyahu to go i think a protest is planned palestinian israeli genest as is apple thyra says the similarities with egypt. two thirds of the poor in israel are working poor people who are
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working everyday people who have a great jobs and still are not able to go about the poverty level so that's a reason that people are coming out of the street if you look at how the protests started it's almost identical to how it started in egypt and internees and other places started through facebook somebody who made a post on facebook through social media that's how people organize or was organized completely in the beginning by the young people in his old student people who feel that they have no future people who feel who can't afford living here in the ten years realizing that this is not the way to go forward he's trying to figure out ways to deal with it because a government could definitely fold its role and these are ground and i think he is in danger especially that the process and the only while israel has been under a building in tel aviv and haifa and all these major cities and israel is all have been overbuilding in the west bank focus of the israeli government at the moment is more sustaining the occupation more sustaining the settlements rather than cheering
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for the majority of the population who actually are closer to len's and oppose occupation and israel proper so that the problem here though is the still too many israelis have not been able to make that connection and the more and the sooner israelis make that connection realize that the accusations affect their daily life affects the pennies that the government spending the money the government spending in the west bank verses and israel i think you will see a real revolution in as root. a full coverage of our top stories is available for you of course that dot com and here's what else is on live t.v. right now a huge block of coal miner in crane killed seventy nine miners still trapped in a kilometers per hour report out on folding disaster plans. it's like when you come home and discover somebody else's body guard sitting in your bedroom he's been sent to provide your security but he's going to like that it's hard it's on knowing that the russians may say when boy tells art see his concern save the american
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missile defense program in europe because this clues that he was in a pool that i. didn't. know. if. he. libyan rebels have declared three days of mourning after their military commander and two of his aides were killed algal father yunus was gunned down hours after rebel forty's reportedly arrested him over his family suspected ties to colonel gadhafi is raising it is that bin laden his foreign minister before defected to the rebels at the beginning of the revolution the national transitional council made a killing on the guitar. and things how the rest of the head of the group responsible the consequences of his logic will depend on how deep the commanders and those connections really around us according to one of father's advisor to
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americans and details of the caucus. the consequences of his killing could be either short ramification or vast ramifications if indeed he was only an individual or even a high ranking official who still relationships with the gadhafi regime then his killing would be it would be the end of the. if it's the other case that is he and others inside the council the interim council of the big guys the power have been in opposition to another force a militia force it could be other little thorns it could be the islamist militia of the jihadists or another trial if the case is deeper then the concern is more serious in the west that they could be more clashes in the future or more tensions within the military camp at a time where the rebel seems to be on the offensive so we're going to wait and see the results of the investigations and most likely the nato command would want to be
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part of these investigations some of these in brief this hour now and the first funerals for the victims of norway's donavon the town has been held in oslo a week after the tragedy after a memorial service in the capital crowds gathered leaving a massive floral tribute to the seventy six and died meanwhile the man has confessed to both the massacre and warming is. question four seconds on by police. clashes have erupted not seen or is at least trying to break hundreds of scores as record cultural glance three people have been killed and dozens injured in the parlance would still be on employed at home with scratches a good knife by. that argentina is jobless. now if this is the all set up power of a massive landslide it's want everything in its power in south korea is check out these pictures it's a result of heavy terentia all raid and floods which is sweeping the country
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leaving fifty three that and many are both saying the landslides are also a fool to have sent parts of north korean landmines to wash into the sounds. returning to our top story now the bailout affects not only the rich in spain also the poorest members of the usa so back is economy has never been too strong but it risks being crushed under the weight of the current crisis r.t. sarah profit pools are where the hero membership is failing to live up to its promises. they say that charity starts at home while some back here need you one of the poorest countries but with pressure from the e.u. to participate in a second bailout their money could soon be going to greece. i'll tell you what joining the euro zone brought responsibilities but not benefits in fact slovakian pensions are significantly lower than in days increase people here is hey michelle
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to tell us they barely cover their food costs with the money they receive you have to now. deal with homelessness. have to reform our. healthcare system never enough money. back in two thousand and nine when slovakia joined the year easily it was such high hopes it was also kind of. be the first one america hungary and republic. for the one from sun for europe to be you know into zero club back the year easing it seems isn't all it was cracked up to be as we join the euro zone there was. a good rule saying vote for one country liability or just this one country in may two thousand and four and the rules change dramatically is like that of the year you gang may well now be breathing a sigh of relief it may bring not only here is
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a new countries have felt the benefits slayback shoppers have been heading to bear check out in a bid to escape the year a we come just across the border from the packets of the czech republic where the superstore out there doing a big. business more and more people make the regular journey to do their shopping because the prices here is simply much cheaper people now shopping outside the country vacuums retail revenues have fallen dramatically and the high prices mean a tourism industries have been hit hard certainly not the results hopeful when we first joined but every club has its leaders and what they say apparently gays even if they're the ones who got you into trouble in the first place you see be creative . all the countries in the euro zone are. as german so. make it possible for greek.
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much money like you may be contributing this time it's led many of days at first so eager to join the year gang healing they're now simply being pushed around. sit back here that's the way things is this our business are things on the way now with pretty. for the full story we've gone to. the biggest issues get a human voice face to face with the news makers. in india she's available in the movie joint be a children's a movie that's bigger if we go to the grand imperial college towards west coast coromandel you can go with a child close with your civility to go and. read this and the colonel was such as this can retreat.
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and welcome to our. great american kids are happy with me in four days the u.s. government will run out of money and democrats and republicans are still arguing over how to cut the deficit and stalling on raising the debt ceiling the market still believe washington will act in time to avert disaster but i think society but i think we're now getting to the stage where people are really going to be concerned that a deal may not be down a lot of economists and strategist for the analyst start to be quite vocal in their criticism of washington saying come on guys it's time to sort it out i think a lot of nervousness we're all waiting for the last minute deal i think markets will give the corby until monday or tuesday but i just think it could turn very quickly i think you could get a run in confidence very quickly. let's take a look at the markets now precious metal prices a mix is so horrible they're still high as investors look for state haven due to
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uncertainty the u.s. deposition after republicans canceled a vote on the deficit reduction plan turning to oil now my new report from europe's biggest oil company rolled out shell time of low cost oil and gas is on and it says finding resources will be more complex far more money and investment but for today at least the market is down and problems in the u.s. chip away at investor confidence light sweet is currently trading below donkeys seven dollars per barrel while brand is in one hundred and seventeen. stocks in the u.s. are mixed this hour after opening sharply lower that stopped the government said economy grew less than four months to something called the bank of america's leading on the dow jones up point eight percent but merck is right in the index down four and one point eight. and it's not looking too good in europe as well where moody's rating agency has put spain on review for baltimore downgrade disappointing u.s. growth rate is weighing on the markets tanking stocks are leading the fall with
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shares of techs are down takes in lloyds and both down over three percent. russian equity markets and the weak in the red poll in global trends the odds he has a noise that caused over and under the percent respectively now let's take a look at some individual moves on the minds of all majors were among the main losers amid we conclude after the last over forty percent banking stocks were also on the pressure would be to be dropping over two percent and bucking the trend was par generate into rout gaining almost four percent. russia's biggest lenders a bear bank it was one step closer to acquiring folks back international supervisory board of the european company has approved the sale of the bank's reached agreement earlier this month but no details were provided analyst estimates takeover at around seven hundred man. dollars woods burbank planning to finalize it by the year round the acquisition is aimed at helping the russian company expand
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its activity in the instrument in the uk. russian car agency car giants after vas has turned a profit for its french shareholder a no for the first time they called make a managed to squeeze thirty seven million euros out of its affiliates in the first half of the year that compares with a thirty six million euro lost at the same time a year ago the whole iran zero group recorded a fifty six percent chance and the first half. that's also out but only in about forty five minutes for more updates on business not.
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